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Dr. Yvette Miller and the American Red Cross Set The Record Straight On Sickle Cell Myths In The Black Community

Many people don't know that sickle cell disease is the largest rare inherited blood disease in the United States. Sadly, it affects African Americans at higher rates than people of other races. 

Black Drivers Can Predict Traffic Stop Outcome Based On An Officer’s First 45 Words

The study occurred over one month and examined a medium-sized populated city that is racially diverse.

'Devastated': Man Falls Overboard on Cruise in Bahamas, Fiancé Speaks Out

The man has been identified as 35-year-old Ronnie Lee Peale Jr.

3 Reasons You May Want to Hire College Students

Bringing college students on board can benefit your business in many ways. Explore three reasons you may want to hire college students and where to recruit them.

The Brotherhood Sister Sol Honors Dapper Dan At 18th Annual Voices Gala

Over 500 friends and supporters gathered for an unforgettable night, with the event successfully raising over $1.5 million for the nonprofit.