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She Received Chemo in Two States. Why Did It Cost So Much More in Alaska?

A breast cancer patient who received similar treatments in two states saw significant differences in cost, illuminating how care in remote areas can come with a stiffer price tag.

Social Security Overpayments Draw Scrutiny and Outrage From Members of Congress

Lawmakers are faulting the Social Security Administration for issuing billions of dollars of payments that beneficiaries weren’t entitled to receive — and then demanding the money back — in the wake of an investigation by KFF Health News and Cox Media Group.

These Appalachia Hospitals Made Big Promises to Gain a Monopoly. They’re Failing to Deliver.

Ballad Health, the only hospital system across a large swath of Tennessee and Virginia, has fallen short of quality-of-care and charity care obligations — even as it’s sued thousands of patients for unpaid bills.

Watch Elizabeth Warren Take No S**t Whatsoever From Evasive Biden Nominee

The Massachusetts Democrat grew more agitated as the nominee to federal health insurance boards dodged her questions.

If You Have Back Pain From Sitting All Day, One Item Could Make A Huge Difference

Lower back pain can wreak havoc on your body, but this could help.