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US weapons arrive in Ukraine as Biden faces test over allies’ unity – live

Officials say further Russian invasion in Ukraine likelyUS and allies considering deploying more troops to eastern Europe - reportManchin attracts global anger over climate crisisHere’s how Republicans ‘dismembered’ a Democratic strongholdSign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by emailJoe Biden will meet with several CEOs this afternoon to discuss Democrats’ Build Back Better Act, the $1.75tn spending package that includes massive investments in healthcare, childcare and climate initiatives.“This afternoon, I’m meeting with CEOs who support passing my Build Back Better Agenda to discuss how it’ll invest in American workers, grow our economy, and lower inflation in the long-term,” Biden said on Twitter. Continue reading...

Steve Bannon openly wishes for Nazi army to deal with Ukraine: 'Germans were all over it in 1942'

Conservative podcaster Steve Bannon on Wednesday suggested that Europe would be better off with the Germany of 1942, when over a hundred thousand Jews were murdered in concentration camps.During his War Room: Pandemic podcast, Bannon complained that President Joe Biden is focusing on Russia's imminent invasion of Ukraine instead of the southern border of the United States."He's not going to address the nation on the invasion on the southern border, he's going to play wag the dog, I'm a big shot, I'm a commander-in-chief, you know, I'm General [Douglas MacArthur]," Bannon ranted. "It's a joke and the American people do not support it and will not support it.""And the time for NATO to stand up and man up -- if it's such a big deal, where are the Germans?" he continued. "Let's see a couple of combat divisions, give me some Germans down there."Bannon added: "Germans were all over it in 1942 -- '41, '42. Oops! I said the quiet part out loud."Watch the video below Real America's Voice.Steve Bannon wishes Germany was more like 1942... "I said the quiet part out loud"— David Edwards (@DavidEdwards) January 26, 2022

Methuselah: oldest aquarium fish lives in San Francisco and likes belly rubs

Biologists believe the Australian lungfish, a primitive species with lungs and gills, is about 90 years old with no known living peersMeet Methuselah, the fish that likes to eat fresh figs, get belly rubs and is believed to be the oldest living aquarium fish in the world.In the Bible, Methuselah was Noah’s grandfather and was said to have lived to be 969 years old. Methuselah the fish is not quite that ancient, but biologists at the California Academy of Sciences believe it is about 90 years old, with no known living peers. Continue reading...

‘Thrown into chaos’: thousands of international students left in limbo as WA border stays shut

Western Australia’s universities warn they will continue to bleed revenue while other states scoop up stranded studentsFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesAustralia vaccine rollout trackerGet our free news app; get our morning email briefingWestern Australian universities have “been thrown into chaos” by the decision to keep the state’s border closed, industry insiders say, with thousands of international students caught in limbo by the snap decision.The state was set to reopen its border to travellers without quarantine from 5 February, but at a late-night press conference last week the premier, Mark McGowan, announced that had been postponed due to the spread of the Omicron Covid variant.Sign up to receive an email with the top stories from Guardian Australia every morning Continue reading...

Islamic State terrorists surrender to Kurds at captured, child-filled prison

The remaining ISIS militants at Syria’s al-Sina’a prison have surrendered to Kurdish-led troops after the gunmen captured the site last week Read Full Article at