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How to Market to the Increasingly Socially Conscious Customer

Brands must remain adaptable as consumer preferences evolve, influenced by global events, cultural shifts and generational differences

Netflix Is Mailing Out Its Last DVD Today. I Got the Very First One 25 Years Ago.

Netflix co-founder and founding CEO Marc Randolph tells the story of the first Netflix DVD that got sent in the mail — and one he wished never went out the door.

United Auto Workers Strike Expands At General Motors And Stellantis

The decision to hold back on striking more Ford facilities shows the flexibility behind the union's strategy.

What’s Behind The Auto Strike? The Decline Of A 'Good Job'

Falling real wages and high corporate profits have fomented militancy on the picket lines at Ford, GM and Stellantis.

Auto Workers Strike Ford, GM And Stellantis All At Once

The targeted walkouts are aimed at throwing the "Big Three" off balance as the union battles for new contracts.