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'There's Too Much Nepotism in This Organization' And Other Complaints From a New DEI Survey

A new survey shows that even with diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in place, employers still prioritize personal connections over skill sets when making hiring decisions.

Apple Cancels Its 10-Year Electric Car Project, Moves Some Employees to AI Division

Apple has remained quiet about its autonomous and electric vehicle development for a decade, though it took its EVs for many test drives last year.

How Business Scorecards Can Drive Growth

Scorecards with people-centric metrics can help teams hit their targets and reveal surprising patterns that foster development.

A Cyberattack on the Largest Health Insurer in the U.S. Could Put Your Prescriptions and Personal Data at Risk

The issue was detected last Wednesday and has caused disruptions for the past week.

How to Bootstrap a Product or Service People Will Love

Here are tips to identify the right project and start a company without external investments