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Should You Still Get The Flu Shot Even If You've Already Had The Flu?

You may already have had the flu this season prior to getting the vaccine. Should you still get the jab?

Are You A Failed Flosser? This Will Convince You To Finally Stick To A Routine.

Daily dental hygiene isn’t just important for your teeth, but your overall health (and to help you avoid "leaky gums").

How Mike Colter Built a Formidable Physique for ‘Plane’

Mike Colter is an intimidating man to walk next to. Standing at 6’3” and built like a Mack truck, it doesn’t take long to understand why he was cast to play the steel-skinned Luke Cage by Marvel and Netflix. His physical stature paired with a natural acting ability has made him a presence impossible to […]

The FDA Wants an Annual COVID Vaccine: What You Need to Know

A national advisory committee is expected to vote Thursday on whether Americans should pivot to an annual COVID-19 shot (like a flu shot) vs. periodic booster shots. WebMD asks health experts your most pressing questions about a possible switch to a yearly shot.

Your Weight Could Alter Vitamin D's Effect on Health

Vitamin D is widely promoted for better health, but if you're overweight, you might not reap the benefits.