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Thousands of Cal State faculty walk out in rolling strike, demanding higher pay

The faculty union and the Cal State system remain divided in contract negotiations. Faculty want a 12% raise for 2023-24, but the system says it is not possible.

It's been the year of the worker. West Hollywood employers are so over it

Organized labor has been having a moment in L.A. But in West Hollywood, which has the nation's highest minimum wage, it's the business owners who've been marching.

Taxpayer rescue of Skid Row's largest landlord nears $40 million

After Skid Row Housing Trust financially imploded earlier this year, the L.A. City Council is close to approving $40 million to stabilize 1,500 formerly homeless tenants.

Shuttered Café Tropical was also a beacon for people seeking sobriety

Little-known fact about Café Tropical: It was a cherished place for the recovery community, where people attended meetings for years in a modest community room, in search of sobriety.

White House Warns Congress Of Dwindling Military Aid For Ukraine

“We are out of money — and nearly out of time,” the Biden administration warned Monday while urging the approval of tens of billions of dollars in funds.