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Iraq Executes 11 People Convicted Of "Terrorism": Report

Iraqi authorities have executed at least 11 people convicted of "terrorism" this week, security and health sources said Wednesday, with rights group Amnesty International condemning an "alarming lack of transparency".

Hamas Releases Video Of Israeli-American Man Held Hostage In Gaza

Palestinian group Hamas released on Wednesday a video of an Israeli-American man held hostage in Gaza and seen alive in the footage.

Deprivation linked to higher second cancer risk among England breast cancer survivors

Cambridge study finds those from poorest areas have 35% higher risk of second non-breast cancerFemale survivors of breast cancer living in the most deprived areas have a 35% higher risk of developing second, unrelated cancers, compared with those from the most affluent areas, research shows.Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK, with about 56,000 people being told they have it each year. Improved diagnosis and treatments mean that five-year survival rates are now 86% in England. Continue reading...

US Senate May Set Up Court Showdown Over TikTok's Free Speech Protections

The U.S. Senate set up a likely court showdown over the scope of TikTok's free speech protections under the U.S. Constitution when it approved a bill on Tuesday to ban the social media platform from app stores unless its Chinese owner sells it.

TikTok Artists, Advertisers To Stick With App Until "Door Slams Shut"

Ban or no ban, TikTok's partners in the music and advertising world plan to stick with the massively popular short-form video platform until the bitter end, seven industry leaders told Reuters.